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Japan Daily Moots Xi’s Participation in Trump-Kim Summit June 12

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EIRNS—Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun reported May 12 that China’s Foreign Ministry had no comment on a report that President Xi Jinping May participate in the June 12 meeting in Singapore between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Mainichi said “some media” have reported this, and that “the leaders of the countries that signed the armistice to halt the 1950-53 Korean War could gather there to agree the armistice be replaced with a formal peace treaty.”

Mainichi had also been the first to suggest the possibility, on May 11. Singapore’s Straits Times wrote that

“The Mainichi Shimbun’s Washington-based correspondent cited American diplomatic sources as saying there was a chance that Mr. Xi May meet Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim in Singapore. In a report published on Friday, the Mainichi quoted a senior international negotiator with the National Security Council as telling reporters that ‘there is a possibility’ the leader of a third country May take part.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said May 11 that she “had no indication that President Moon [of South Korea] would take part” in the June 12 summit, that go into a second day. Moon and Kim had agreed at their own April 27 summit, to pursue three-way talks with the United States and four-way talks including China as well.