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Recognition that ‘Regime Change’ Coup in U.S. Aims for War

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EIRNS—Amid a number of columns identifying the attacks on President Donald Trump as nothing short of “Regime Change—American Style,” in the words of Patrick Buchanan, dissident Republican David Stockman, President Reagan’s former Office of Management and Budget Director, analyzed the “coup underway” against the President as a drive for war.

Stockman connected the New York Times “Anonymous” operation—“the kind of bald-faced election-tampering that our putative Russian meddlers could only drool about”—to the buildup of

“Sen. John S. McWar as a ‘lodestar’ of honor,” by the “cabal ... attempting to nullify the 2016 election ... the entire Washington-based GOP establishment.”

Stockman warns that this cabal is trying to take Trump down, because

“if the unseen hand of the historical fates had infused any purpose in the election of Donald Trump, it was to destroy once and for all the corrupted malignancy of John McCain’s GOP.”

The “Anonymous” column

“was commissioned by neo-con central, in large part over the fact that, however awkward and halting, the Donald’s efforts to normalize relations with North Korea and Russia are exactly what the doctor ordered, and the most hopeful initiatives toward world peace in the decades since the Cold War ended.”

In his own way, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) co-founder Ray McGovern pointed to the same purpose in his Sept. 8 entry on his website, “Will Mueller Opt for Non-Existent Intelligence?” dedicated to taking down Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s reputation as honest. When he was Director of the FBI, Mueller played “an important part” in preparing the way for the war of aggression against Iraq, by ignoring calls coming even from within the FBI to produce evidence of the alleged al-Qaeda/Saddam Hussein connections used to justify that war, McGovern pointed out.

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